söndag 18 december 2011

Keepin' it real, Power Destiny-style, niggu

You see, cars, je-wels, platinum plaques don't mean SHIT
if you ain't got respect in your hood
And that's what you call gangster, stupid? Well looka here Cupid
We don't need your fake-ass love! Because
99.9 of the industry is full of cock blowers
They slow mackin niggaz
Industry mascots for the videos and radio
Grown-ass men, performin the art of fellatio
Where the fuck is your morals?!
You deserted your hood and now you're hidin out
But we here for them niggaz in your hood you forgot about
We love the hate, we STILL underrated so
as loud as you can, all you motherfuckers say it

Bjussar på en Power-bonus när vi ändå av någon underlig anledning ramlade in på ämnet.

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